Air Products Extends Support to Nurture Young Talent, in Association with College of Engineering, Pune


Pune: Air Products (NYSE: APD), a world-leading global industrial gases company, is committed to fostering skill development and encouraging young talent. To further this commitment, Air Products has partnered with the College of Engineering, Pune to extend its support to “Mindspark 2018” organized under the patronage of UNESCO, Digital India and the Skill India initiatives. This association of Air Products and the College aims to create an interactive platform connecting industry members and students across the nation, along with providing an opportunity to cater to Air Products’ need to attract talent for its India operations.

“Air Products understands that the nation’s growth rests on young shoulders and we are committed towards empowering these young minds to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. Nurturing fresh talent is a mission close to our hearts and we are pleased to see the immense enthusiasm of these students in bringing new ideas to life. We will continue our endeavours in promoting technical excellence, skill development and giving back to the society,” said Sadhan Banerjee, Managing Director, Air Products India. The company recently inaugurated its state-of-the-art Engineering Centre at Pune with an aim to employ 300 skilled engineers and offer opportunities for gainful employment.

Prof. B. B. Ahuja, Director, College of Engineering, Pune said, “The engineering space demands not only deep technical expertise but a curious and innovative mind in the pursuit of excellence in technology. We firmly believe that holistic education helps mould young, creative brains to imbibe these qualities, as we strive to provide platforms for nurturing leaders of the future. We welcome Air Products to the College of Engineering family. We value and count on this association, which will give our students and teachers valuable exposure and help to foster collaborative work to cater to the industry’s needs.”

Mindspark 2018 seeks to promote an integrated approach to solve various present technological limitations and cater to growing scientific demands. As part of this, Air Products is directly sponsoring the “Substantia Module” of the festival comprising of events: “On the Etch” and “Dexter’s Lab”. On the Etch brings together students with a passion for metallurgy to test their metallographic skills with a combination of practical application and logical reasoning tests. Dexter’s Lab on the other hand, is a competitive lab event which brings together young minds passionate about chemistry and its practical applications. Dexter’s Lab also explores the use of chemistry for real life dilemmas in the world of technology and human welfare.

The festival venue also features an “Air Products Zone” which hosts experts from the company offering guidance on chemical engineering, the industry, and employment opportunities with Air Products through various pop quizzes and other engaging activities.

The event will be held on September 28, 29 and 30. Mindspark is a student organized festival with over 55 events, both technical and non-technical, divided over 12 modules. Now in its 12th edition, the festival aspires to broaden its horizon, with participation from students across the country celebrating technical excellence.