Talks on Sustainable Development and Role of Green Sources of Electricity

Aligarh: Dr Mohammad Rihan (MIC Electricity, AMU) delivered two talks on Sustainable Development Goals and the Role of Green Sources of Electricity in the attainment of these goals. The first talk was delivered in an International-e-Conference organised by Allahabad University and the Second one in a webinar organised by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Bihar.

He emphasised that Electricity is the major and primary source of energy and hence the contribution of conventional sources of generation of electricity needs to be minimised in view of their adverse impact on climate.

Dr Rihan underlined that awareness creation is an important part as the participation at wider level is pre requisite for success of any conservation/sustainable development drive.

Academic institutes have to play an important role and bring their practices in line with what they teach in the class. The successful integration of these sources with the power grid requires a truly multidisciplinary approach and offers a lot of scope for electrical engineers as well as computer engineers, data scientists, and measurement and instrumentation applications.