Teachers of the Physics and Technology Institute at the Derzhavin Lyceum

Within the framework of cooperation between PetrSU and the Derzhavin Lyceum, the teachers of the Physico-Technical Institute held a number of events.
Within a month, the teachers of the Physicotechnical Institute became organizers and participants in various events:

Organized and conducted more than 20 lessons using Pasco sensors for students in grades 7 and 8;
Became experts in the in-school competition of physics projects for 9th grade students;
We became invited participants of the interregional seminar “Actualization of the cultural-creative model in the conditions of the federal state educational standard of basic and secondary general education: Immersion in the era”.
Classes with Pasco sensors are very interesting for schoolchildren and have a high educational potential. Several sessions were held for each class. In the first lesson, students in a playful way got acquainted with various types of sensors – temperature, electric charges, force and movement. The students learned the peculiarities of using different types of sensors and compiled the Guinness Book of Records for their class in the nominations: “The coldest forehead”, “The most positively charged”, “The most negatively charged”, “The longest step” and “The strongest little finger of the left hand.”

In the next lesson, the students were able to get acquainted with such a function when working with sensors as graphing. Using the motion sensor, the guys were able to practice finding the numerical maximums from the graphs, as well as plotting various types of coordinate versus time dependence. This type of activity is of particular interest to schoolchildren – how to get past the sensor to get a graph in the form of a ladder, cake or Batman? The guys are happy to complete such tasks.

The students were assisted by a whole team of teachers of the Physics and Technology Institute: O.I. Pronina, E.M. Teteleva, A.A. Platonov, A.I. Prussky and E.I. Prokhorov.

Students of the Derzhavinsky Lyceum are actively involved in research and design activities. This year, teachers from the Physics and Technology Institute E.A. Zavarkin and V.V. Putrolainen. The schoolchildren presented very interesting projects that they had been engaged in for a whole year. For example, “Automatic irrigation system for the greenhouse” and “Study of sound waves of acoustic and electric guitars.”
At the interregional seminar “Actualization of the cultural-creative model in the conditions of the Federal state educational standards of basic and secondary general education: Immersion in the era” Associate Professor of the Department of General Physics D.S. Yakovleva delivered a public lecture “Science and Technology of the Renaissance” to schoolchildren of the 10th and 11th grades and invited guests. The seminar participants showed great interest in the topic.

The events with the Derzhavinsky Lyceum were held with the support of the Office of Pre-University and Career Guidance.