Thadomal Shahani Centre For Management Surpasses Leading Institutes For Offering Global Business Courses


Mumbai: The Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management (TSCFM), one of India’s premier management business schools, recently surpassed several prominent institutes to emerge as one of the top choices for aspiring management students from India. TSCFM offers a globally recognised UK MBA programme from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and University of Northampton (UK), for which, in just seven years, it surpassed even the likes of India’s numero uno in management institutions, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), to rank third on a list of Indian colleges offering global business courses. With a singular focus on an institution’s ability to prepare its students for global employability beyond a simple certification, the list featured 15 of India’s top management colleges. It also took into consideration, the on-the-job training and industry exposure provided by the institutions, to make students corporate-ready.

Akhil Shahani, Managing Director, Shahani Group, commented on the achievement, stating, “Being awarded with such an honour and for being recognised as one of the leading management institutes in the country in just seven years, brings us immense pride. Such accolades stand testament to our training techniques that bridge the gap between education and employability, by taking into account multi-dimensional global careers and interdisciplinary skillsets. It is extremely heartening to observe that students and parents have started valuing the merits of such practices, and this only encourages us to strive further towards transforming the education sector in India.”

The primary reason behind such a monumental success of a 7-year-old business school, trumping even the likes of IIM, was the PHd research carried out by Director of Shahani Group, Akhil Shahani, in consultation with several global universities, on how students can be made employable. The findings of the research highlighted a need for an ecosystem that helps create “Career Ready” graduates by means of a student focused, industry partnered, job oriented model, and delivery via mobile apps and an education infra partner network. This is why TSCFM works to train its students in communication skills, pro-activeness, team-working ability, and problem solving ability, the key skills demanded by successful global organisations, as opposed to theoretical knowledge, memorisation skills, outdated domain knowledge, and certifications of assessment via written exams. The ecosystem created by the institute helps educate and place graduates in companies, trained in parameters that recruiters and educators understand, with the help of the 4 I’s approach, which consists of:

● International Recognition – TSCFM is the only institute to offer a comprehensive MBA programme from one of the top UK Universities

● Industry Connect – TSCFM is the only institute awarded by CII for industry interaction, because of the infusion of constant industry inputs in its curriculum, and ample live industry projects for the students.

● Innovative Pedagogy – Each course is driven by TSCFM’s mobile app, which facilitates experiential learning and the tracking of student activities, with the help of Ask.Benchmarks, which assesses and develops student communication skills, problem solving abilities, team working, pro-activeness, and professionalism.

● Individual Attention – TSCFM endeavours to understand every student’s unique strengths, and provides them with a personalised career path which matches them to the right job.

As such, the two-year course provided by TSCFM operates on a uniquely progressive model of education that helps students identify their specific skillsets, and builds a personal development plan for them. Furthermore, by using a mix of the latest technology and best global practices, along with deep engagement with companies, industry experts, and corporate mentors, it helps make students globally competitive, enabling them to get their desired job, anywhere in the world.

Shahani Group, which was awarded the rank through a survey by The Outlook Group, has a century-long legacy in the education sector, and is focused on developing individual aptitudes, skills, and specialisations of each and every student, as opposed to a generalised, mass-oriented approach to learning. This has helped the institution offer a higher learner engagement, more effective learning, and enhanced goal accomplishment, to encourage students to become more independent, self-driven, and curious, so as to be a better fit for the dynamic corporate world. Having collaborated with a bevy of prestigious British universities like the University of Northampton (UK), TSCFM has successfully created a responsive learning environment based on a precise understanding of individual learners, customised to their needs.