The Design Village Students Shine by Winning 1st Prize at Cumulus Green 2022


Students of The Design Village (TDV) win first place in Cumulus Green 2022 under this year’s theme- Nurturing Our Planet. Their project titled “Self-reliance for the Persecuted” addresses the United Nations’ Sustainable Goals -2 (Zero Hunger) and how it can transform our food systems to end food insecurity and improve nutrition intake for an equitable and environmentally prosperous world. The project was awarded €10,000 as prize money.

Yukti Anand, Manisha Bisht and Mayank Raj under the guidance of their mentors Lena R. Gupta and Mudita Pasari, propose a hyper local system for the Rohingya refugees residing in Delhi with the intent of restoring their physical and mental well-being by making them self-reliant for their food needs. The various components of the system are designed to be contextually relevant and self-sustaining.

“The Project focuses on an ever-growing population of refugees who lose everything when they flee their homeland. It is not just about eliminating hunger but also about nutrition and wellbeing of the mind and body. It is about resurrecting the simple daily ritual of relishing a familiar, frugal, self-earned meal with one’s family. It is about restoring some sanity in their lives.” said Lena R. Gupta Mentor at The Design Village.

The bright minds of The Design Village are seen consistently scaling new heights as the institute grows and puts their nation on the global design map!