The Geographical Dictation of the Russian Geographical Society was held for the sixth time

6450 sites in Russia and 111 foreign countries were registered to participate in the dictation.
This is a record number for the entire existence of the action – last year there were 5469 sites.

The central platform of the action operated on the basis of the Moscow headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society, where 6179 people wrote the dictation remotely. In addition, a closed face-to-face site operated at the headquarters of the society. Here, the action was attended by the President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Shoigu and journalists covering the projects of the society.

Note that in connection with the pandemic in 2020, the organizers of the action have developed a new format – remote. The on-site sites themselves made the decision – to carry out the action in person or remotely, taking into account the orders of the regional Rospotrebnadzor.

As a reminder, on November 29 at 14:00 Moscow time, the online version of the Geographic Dictation was launched . Online dictation is available until 14:00 on December 6 (Moscow time) on the website . You can write a dictation in 11 languages ​​at once: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese and Hindi.

Participants of the online dictation will see their results immediately after passing. In full-time and remote versions, your score can be found from January 15, 2021 on the promotion website.

A group of participants was registered at PetrSU, which included almost 100 people.

Although I am considered a professional geographer, I sincerely love geography and being an amateur is even more interesting to me: no exact scientific knowledge limits my wild fantasies about the structure of the world and the might of my state! Therefore, putting logic in the background, when writing the dictation, this time I relied only on intuition. The action is great! I’m always interested in participating and getting high scores,

– IV Shchekoldina, Associate Professor of the Department of Earth Sciences and Geotechnologies of PetrSU, shared her opinion.

PetrSU has been acting as a regional platform for conducting dictation for the sixth time. Students-geographers, graduates of different years, teachers of geography, students of schools of Karelia take part in it.

Individual results of the dictation written on face-to-face and remote sites will be available from January 15, 2021. They can be found on the website in the “Results” section by the identification number, which was indicated on the form (with full-time participation) or on the screen (with “remote control”). In addition, if you wrote the dictation in person, you can also track your result using the QR code located on the second part of the forms.

You can also write a dictation online. The online version of the dictation will be available until 14:00 (Moscow time) on December 6. Please note: since the online dictation is written anonymously, there are no certificates for its participants! You can get tested here .

If suddenly you wrote a dictation on the on-site site and did not receive a participant certificate, contact the site organizer and request a certificate of participation in the dictation. Communication methods are indicated in the description of the site on the website in the “Geography of Dictation” section. If you took part in the action remotely, the organizers will have to send a certificate to your email within two weeks after the event.