The works of PetrSU students are presented at a professional exhibition of artists

The Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia opens the exhibition “What a delight these fairy tales are!”
At the exhibition you can get acquainted with the history of the appearance of a fairy tale and trace its development to the present day.

The exhibition presents illustrations to specific works of honored authors of fine arts, such as T.G. Yufa, N.I. Bryukhanova, Yu.A. Vasnetsova, E.M. Natarevich, V.I. Tauber, H.G. Skuldi, O.A. Kudryashova, I.I. Ershova,

The works of professional artists complement the work of students and graduates of the Department of Technology, Fine Arts and Design of Petrozavodsk State University.

In order to support talented youth, students were asked to express their own vision of fairy tales in the drawings and illustrations of the fairy tales they read.

Student works performed in various techniques are presented in the exhibition “Return to the World of a Fairy Tale”.

Fabulous ceramic works were presented by Eremeeva Ekaterina, Iglevskikh Oleg, Ulrich Arina, Bershadskaya Sofya, Malysheva Daria, Lotsmanova Maria, Shiryakova Evelina, Klypenkova Nadezhda, Giryavaya Anastasia under the guidance of Elena Nikolaevna Timofeeva, a teacher of the Department of TII&D. And also the works of: Pimenkova Olga, Netech Elena, Kanshin Alexander, Usova Marina, Menshikov D., Shelepaeva Elena, Nyattieva Ekaterina, Kuritsina A.V., Tervinskaya Sophia; heads – teachers of the department of TII&D IPP Kiselev Alexander Vladimirovich, Koshelev Valery Mikhailovich, Mamontova Irina Alexandrovna.

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