Three-month Chinese conversational course begins from July 24


MUMBAI : A three-month basic Chinese conversational course will virtually commence from July 24 under the auspices of World Trade Center Mumbai.

The practical conversational course spread over 12 Saturdays with a two-hour session has been designed to facilitate accurate and appropriate business communication to professional transact cross-border trade.

The course gains significance in view of India’s prospects for bilateral trade with Taiwan having resumed to its 2019 level of USD 5.7 million in 2021, a strong base in the Chinese language for business purposes is of paramount importance.

Conducted by Jennifer Makhecha, an expert in the Chinese language, the course will cover areas such as greetings, introductions, identification of people and objects, expression of gratitude, acknowledgement of remarks, making of appointments, creating invitations, purchase of goods, seeking opinions, making suggestions, etc.

Moreover, this preliminary course will equip participants to pursue studies in Chinese language at an advanced level, which will subsequently follow this course, if the participants desire to take it up.

Participants will be taught the Chinese phonetic system in order to correctly pronounce the language with the appropriate intonation, help understand basics of Chinese grammar, create awareness on aspects of Chinese culture embedded in the language, familiarize with the structure of Chinese characters to be able to recognise and write approximately 200 Chinese characters.

Besides, learning Chinese language and culture will help aspiring Indian exporters to engage with their potential trade partners or customers not just in Taiwan but also in China, Hong Kong, Macau, etc., and explore market potential in that country.

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