Top Games to Play with PlayStation Plus Subscription

Gaming companies have been offering great subscription plans for players for quite some time now. However, Sony has just introduced an improved version of their PlayStation Plus system with a few different tiers that each bring their own advantages. There are more than 700 titles available for the subscribers and many of them are some of the finest games of all time. If you are not sure where to start with your subscription or whether you should be getting it in the first place, take a look at some of the best titles this gaming plan has to offer.

The Best Gaming Titles on PlayStation Plus

Of course, every gamer has different tastes and even some of the best acclaimed games might not be fun for everyone. This is why Sony offers a diverse gaming library so everyone could find a little something for themselves. Here are a few different titles available on PlayStation Plus that will not disappoint you:

  • Ghost Of Tsushima – this is one of the most stunning games that hit the market recently. This title truly shows how far technology has come over the past years. Playing as a samurai protecting his homeland, players can enjoy polished combat and try different strategies of battling the enemies;
  • God Of War – from the story to battling mechanics, this video game made everyone go crazy when it was first released in 2018. Even up to this day, despite the gaming industry developing rapidly, this title remains one of the true masterpieces. Engage in combat with enormous enemies, hone your skills, and enjoy the father and son bond of your characters in this incredible title;
  • Celeste – this is an indie game that demonstrates the power of smaller developing teams. This insanely beautiful and challenging platformer has won numerous awards for its mechanics, difficult yet rewarding gameplay, story, music, and more. Tackling a difficult topic of mental health, this title creates a one of a kind experience for the players that love platformers and stunning pixel art style;
  • Death Stranding – one of the weirdest yet most engaging and unpredictable gaming experiences is definitely this title by Hideo Kojima. If you know anything about Kojima and his video games, you should know that he really is a genius, even though his works are so unique, they are often borderline weird. With a director’s cut edition, this game has been improved to fix some of the rough edges;
  • Hollow Knight – another indie title that will surely blow you away. This is a Metroidvania full of bosses, stunning locations, platforming segments, and deep bittersweet lore. Playing as a little bug knight you have to navigate through a once lively and prosperous kingdom to save its remains from a rapidly spreading disease.

These are some of the most unique and well-designed games that players can enjoy with a Sony PlayStation subscription. Different genres, stories, and gameplay of these titles continue captivating gamers all across the globe. With such games on the list, trying out this subscription is definitely worth your money.