Topical issues of animal husbandry and fish farming

At the Department of Animal Science, Fish Farming, Agronomy and Land Management, a scientific seminar “Biological and technological foundations of animal husbandry and fish farming” was held.
The work was attended by 29 4th year students and teachers of the Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies. The topics of the reports dealt with topical issues of cattle breeding, cynology and aquaculture.

Tatyana Vladimirova presented a report on the assessment of bulls-producers of the Ayrshire breed on the milk production of daughters in the Republic of Karelia. The Ayrshire cattle breed is the main breed of the Republic of Karelia, as 95% of the herd is this breed. The efficiency of dairy farming depends on the quality of the use of producers. The report of Yulia Novozhilova – “Comparative analysis of the diets of dogs with different types of feeding in the First Petrozavodsk public shelter for animals” was listened with interest.

Students of the direction “Aquatic Bioresources and Aquaculture” conducted research in the largest fish farms of the Republic of Karelia.

Polina Fanasova presented a report on the assessment of fish-breeding and biological indicators of rainbow trout planting material in the oldest and most successful enterprise “IP NV Fedorenko”.

Elena Besova has conducted research to study modern methods of growing planting material for rainbow trout under recirculation conditions at the largest nursery company, CJSC Virta, with a production capacity of 12 million eggs. The author has conducted research on the use of the drug “Monclavit” on the survival rate of planting material for rainbow trout.

In the Republic of Karelia, the active development of trout breeding is accompanied by an increase in the level of intensification of production. Farms are being replaced by farms with large volumes of commercial fish farming. Maxim Grigoriev presented a report “Evaluation of fish-breeding and biological indicators of trout cultivation in LLC” Kala ya Maryapoyat “. This is one of the largest and most technically equipped enterprise in the Republic of Karelia, which is a production base for the practices of fish-breeding students. The conditions of the enterprise allow not only practice, but also actively carry out research work.

We wish all the participants of the seminar to continue their scientific research and to successfully defend their graduation qualifications!


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