Toronto Metropolitan University: ‘Made of Grit’ shows how TMU is shaped by the city and its people


The last two years have presented challenges both big and small, and they’ve required drive, determination and resilience to see them through. Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) and its community not only met the challenges head on, but came through stronger and more resilient.

To celebrate our community’s determination, TMU has launched its ‘Made of Grit’ campaign, which showcases examples of students, faculty and staff who have shown great resilience against obstacles.

Made of Grit
“This campaign is informed deeply by our new name,” says Jim Wentzell, executive director, University Relations at TMU. “We’re very proud of our urban location, so we want our community – students, faculty, alumni – to embrace being metropolitan and feel a great sense of pride in our university.”

Made of Grit captures many aspects of TMU’s urban identity. “No walls surround our campus, we’re enmeshed with the city,” says Dan Couto, assistant creative director, University Relations and co-creative lead. “Community members that participated in the campaign expressed confidence and determination, cultivated (in part) through their own urban experiences at TMU.”

Every day, our students, faculty and staff demonstrate grit, whether it’s athletic determination, artistic drive or academic dedication. As Canada’s most urban campus, TMU and its community embody the spirit of a metropolitan city: we are dynamic and diverse at our core.

Community determination
Over the last two years, TMU as a whole has shown real grit through many changes.

Amid a global pandemic, TMU launched the first new law school in Toronto in over a century to address inequalities in Canada’s justice system, external link; the university announced a medical school that will prepare practitioners to address the changing needs in Canada’s health care system, external link; and undertook a full-scale name change to help make the campus a more welcoming space for all.

The pandemic didn’t stop researchers and community members from being nimble and showing determination. When lockdowns and uncertainty kept people at home, university community members pivoted to keep their neighbours safe by producing PPE and created drones to deliver supplies, as well as increased research around COVID-19.

The new “Grit” campaign celebrates the university’s drive and determination, and its place as a city-building institution. The brand hasn’t changed with the new name, but the new campaign puts community members at the forefront of demonstrating its spirit.

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