Two day International Conference on Emerging Media Paradigms (ICEMP) organized by Amity University

New Delhi: Two day International Conference on Emerging Media Paradigms (ICEMP) organized by Amity School of Film & Drama (ASFD) & Amity School of Communication (ASCO) concluded today at University campus, Sector 125 Noida.

The aim of the International Conference was to bring together an eclectic mix of thinkers, innovators, and leaders from academia and industry to discuss, debate and reflect upon the complex tapestry of narratives that explore the changing media paradigm, focusing on four verticals including Intermediality; Prosumer Culture; Futuristic Media; Narratology and Techno culture.

Addressing the gathering, Mrs Pooja Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity School of Film and Drama said, “The vision of Amity is to create a strong, vibrant, diverse and dynamic community of future leaders, especially in the field of media and entertainment, who stand for integrity and excellence of the sector.” She mentioned that the objective of the conference was to bridge the gap between industry and academia, furthermore understanding the needs and nurturing the budding professionals with synergized perspective.

During the second day of the Conference, a panel discussion on topic “Entertainment for New Millenials” was conducted wherein industry luminaries including Ms. Ambika Khurana, Director, Public Policy at Netflix, Mr Murtaza Ali, Internet Vlogger and Influencer, Mr. Priyansh Jora, Bollywood Actor & Alumnus and Ms. Shonali Bose, Film Director shared their views and experiences with the audience.

Filmmaker Shonali Bose opined that the major audience for any entertainment content are millennial (between the age group of 18-30yrs) and the success of every film or series is dependent on how well it connects with them. She apprised that film making is a medium that can bring a wave of strong change in society and further lamented the censorship of content regulated over films which subsequently, refrains the art of film making from flourishing. Ms. Bose remarked that the emerging digital media platforms have helped in giving a global exposure to various content and expressed her delight that the digital platform is not monitored by censorship, hence gives better freedom of expression to content developers.

Vlogger & Influencer Murtaza Ali pointed out that young generation is mindful and are seeking for content which is interesting and relatable. Talking about content available on digital media platforms he added that digital media found rapid growth since the audience, which are millennial youth, found the curated content to be more relevant and fresh.

Ambika Khurana shared that entertainment is neutral to age, gender, race and location which is the main concept behind digital media. She apprised that with rapid growth pace of digital space, there are lot of potential and opportunities to explore by the budding professionals. She mentioned that the young audience is looking out for diversity and novel ideas in storytelling. There are lot of stories, regionally, nationally and internationally, which are waiting to be told. Ms. Khurana emphasized upon the power of youth and pointed out that the major publicity part for digital media is through their word of mouth.

Actor Priyansh Jora said that the youth has sense of companionship amongst themselves. He said that in present time, varied options are available in entertainment industry, in terms of content, which caters to every section of society. Speaking on Nepotism in industry, he said, “it’s how one perceives it and is affected by it. Every artist or professional has to go through their own struggle.” He added that with contacts, a person can find work for a short time but major success depends upon one’s own talent.

The two day International Conference, received 150 abstracts from across the world and witnessed international participation of over 75 delegates from UK, USA, Lithuania, Iran, Malaysia. More than 60 research papers were presented during the technical sessions.