‘Women Rights is Human Rights’ avers Experts in a Seminar at Amity University

New Delhi: Debating about the various challenges to human rights in today’s times where they are in danger of becoming only virtual concepts, experts gathered together at the Training Programme cum National Seminar On “Human Rights in India: An Insight to the Challenges Related to Women” organized by Amity University.

Inaugurating the seminar, Prof. M. Afzal Wani, Former Dean USLLS, GGSIPU, former member of Law Commission of India echoed that ‘Women Rights is Human Rights’ and spoke at their length about their role in the society. “Women create a humane society and they are being denied this role. I shall not accept any President or heads of the state as a human being if in this country, a girl of any age is being raped. It’s shame for the head of that state and how can he have a comfortable life in any country knowing about such instances? The world is talking about sensitivity but is not getting sensitized itself,” said Prof. Wani. He also suggested the state to be restless and constantly think of endeavours to make life better for women on this planet.

“There should be a coordination in the criminal justice system along with academicians so that justice can pick pace because we have so many instances of rape, sexual abuse of women, infants and even small children where the judicial system is still slow in giving the judgment,” said Dr Shubhra Sanyal, Professor, Criminal Psychologist, National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science. Citing reference to the Unnao case, she said the delay in justice being given, which, in an opposite scenario could have possibly saved the life of the survivor. She further shared how often it is seen when a rapist is to be hanged or is behind bars, human right activation happens in support of the rapists. “What about the hidden victims who are suffering silently,” questioned Dr Sanyal who advocated providing education to women to empower them.

The experts opined that although there are many efforts taken in this respect by the government, through the enforcement of laws, involvement of Media, and the different organizations of Human Rights, a number of challenges still remain on the subject of the Human Rights in the world. “A black letter law can’t give respect or equalize anyone. It should get written on the psyche of people and bring about a change in their mindset,” advocated Prof. Wani.

Ms Tanu Upadhyay, DSP, Greater Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, while sharing her difficult journey of attaining her present professional position, shared with the gathering how there is a lot of turbulence in the society with a lot of blame game going on. “This attitude will yield no solution to our societal woes. We should instead introspect as a society the value of our sanskars that were a part of our tradition to give women their due respect,” said Ms Tanu Upadhyay.

Ms Aishwarya Bhati, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, questioned the insensitivity of our society towards women, while referring to various cases of the past. “Why women should be struggling for right to safety in public places even after 72 years of independence?” questioned Ms Bhati. She also referred to the Nirbhaya case as a tsunami that made people stand up to say no to crime against women.

It was also discussed at length during the day-long seminar organized by Amity Law School on how in any society, woman should be respected for their inherent dignity and should be ensured against abuses as an ongoing process. The sessions during the day focused upon Gender Justice and Human Rights in India, Discrimination in Health and Reproductive Rights of Women; Sexual Offences in India; Empowering of Tribal Women & Women with Disabilities.

The event was organized with an aim to bring together researchers, professionals, activists and students to discuss the modern concepts of Human Rights and Gender justice In India, expanding scope & violation of such rights and mechanisms to restoration of Human Rights and Gender Justice in India. Prof. (Dr.) Aditya Tomer, Additional Director/HOI, Amity Law School, Noida welcomed the gathering and asked the students to be receptive to ideas discussed in the conference and implement them in their lives.