United States Provides an Additional $13.9 Million to Support Madagascar

The United States through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is providing an additional $13.9 million in funding to Madagascar. Of the $13.9 million in new funding, $5.4 million will go to the country’s COVID-19 response, and $8.5 million will support small and medium enterprises and economic empowerment for people with disabilities.

In response to the threat to Madagascar’s marine resources and to strengthen sustainable resource management and climate-resilient economic development, $2.5 million will go to promoting seaweed and sea cucumber farming. The new project, Nosy Manga (“blue island” in Malagasy), will support farmers’ efforts to adopt strategies that both generate high financial returns and contribute to coastal and marine ecosystem conservation.

An additional $5 million will go towards addressing agricultural practices that damage Madagascar’s priceless environment. Mitsiry (“sprout” in Malagasy), a new partnership with the private sector will support small and medium enterprises that have a positive impact on their communities and the environment.

Madagascar’s private sector is contributing an additional $11.2 million to these two efforts.

One million dollars will improve access to workforce development and job placement for Malagasies with disabilities, particularly women and youth. Support will include training and mentoring, apprenticeships, internships, and job placement. It will also help civil society and institutions protect, support and promote the participation of persons with disabilities and will improve workplace culture and policies to protect, support, and promote the participation of people with disabilities.

The funds will provide additional support for COVID-19 surveillance, prevention and control, supply chain management, public awareness, and vaccinations. Since March 2020, USAID has provided Madagascar with nearly $41.8 million to support the fight against COVID-19.