University of Hong Kong (HKU) holds Long Service Awards Photo Celebration for over 200 staff members

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) held a Long Service Awards Photo Celebration today (June 9) at Loke Yew Hall for over 220 dedicated staff members who have served the University for 15 years or more. The President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Xiang Zhang thanked staff members for their dedication, commitment and loyalty to the University.

Professor Zhang said: “These colleagues have devoted much, if not all, of their professional lives to help shape the growth and development of the University. This is also a special year for the University, as we mark our 111th Anniversary. While we are paying tribute to the University’s achievements over the course of our long and rich history, we should remember that they have been made possible only with the dedication, hard work and loyalty of long-serving colleagues such as those we are celebrating today.”

Of the over 220 staff members receiving the awards, one has served the University for over 45 years, 21 staff members received the 40-year awards, 22 received the 35-year awards, 85 got the 25-year awards and 100 got the 15- year awards.