University of Johannesburg: UJ’s 4IR webinar series calls for automation to achieve digital transformation

​The Humanities Distinguished 4IR webinar series is a virtual monthly meeting at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) where researchers interested in artificial intelligence (AI) can share their research. Presenters include both local speakers from UJ and visitors from other institutions. Topics can be related in any way to artificial intelligence and the African Continent, from foundational theoretical work to innovative applications of AI techniques to new fields and problems.

On Tuesday, 21 September 2021, UJ Vice-Chancellor & Principal Prof Tshilidzi Marwala responded to ‘4IR in Historical Perspective’ at the 4IR webinar series hosted by the Department of History. The speakers involved included Prof Keith Breckenridge, WISER, University of Witwatersrand and Dr Faeeza Ballim, History, UJ.

In this talk, Prof Marwala discussed the emerging economic order- skills that make AI models more consumable. He proposes a maximization of resource acquisition to ensure there is sufficient investment in technological tools of production.