University of Miami: Inspirational books captivated new staff members


Some books make you laugh. Some leave you teary-eyed, reflective. A good book will take you on a journey, pique your interest, or challenge your beliefs. And some books bear the dangerous power of J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythological Master Ring of Middle-earth—for they can “bring you in and bind you.” Literally and literarily, these exceptional reads (or listens) reveal a new world of understanding and awareness.

In recognition of National Read a Book Day, celebrated each Sept. 6, we invited a few faculty and staff members new to the University of Miami to share that one book—or two—that shook the ground under their feet and altered their life’s direction, either personally or professionally.

Reading yields many benefits—improved concentration and memory, lower stress, and wonderful conversation stimulators. So today, if not every day and all days, we encourage you: Read a good book. Who knows, maybe you’ll feel a trembling under your feet and look up to glimpse a new and distant horizon.