University of São Paulo: Festival of the 50 years of Capoeira at Cepeusp will have a special program open to the public


Implemented in 1972 by professor and Mestre Gladson de Oliveira Silva, Capoeira do Cepeusp is celebrating 50 years in 2022. An educational and cultural reference inside and outside USP, it brings together actions that involve regular classes, cultural presentations, special classes, exchanges and institutional partnerships with several USP units, congresses, clinics and seminars, document collection, book and article publications. Over this half century of history, Capoeira has contributed to the academic, cultural and human formation of hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students, employees and professors at USP, with a lot of ginga and the sound of berimbaus, atabaques and tambourines.

As part of the celebrations for the 50 years of Capoeira at the Center for Sports Practices at USP (Cepeusp), the 50 Years Festival – Capoeira Cepeusp will be held from September 19 to 24 . Under the coordination of Professor Vinicius Heine, the event has an extensive program, free of charge, of lectures, workshops, presentations and open classes. The objective is to promote the experience of capoeira as an art, sport and cultural manifestation that involves elements of music, movement, game, fight and dance.

The activities are aimed at different audiences, ranging from USP students, professors and employees to the external community. There will be special classes and workshops for children from 2 years old (capoeira parents and children), children from 6 to 10 years old (children’s capoeira), adults and seniors (from 60 years old) and people with intellectual disabilities.

Among the highlights of the program is the opening table, which will discuss the importance of art and sport in the training of USP undergraduate students, and the presentation and experience of Xondaro: a traditional manifestation of the original culture of the Mbya-Guarani peoples, which contains aspects of martial art, dance and music.

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