University of São Paulo: USP launches a questionnaire to get to know its community better


Pro-Rectory of Inclusion and Belonging (PRIP) launched today, August 23, a questionnaire aimed at the entire USP community – faculty, staff and students – with questions about academic and professional experience, perception of the institutional environments of the University , experiences involving discrimination or intimidating behavior, mental health, belonging and other issues.

“What motivated us to develop the questionnaire was the realization that we need to expand and consolidate affirmative policies at the University, but we knew little about how the community recognizes the environments of which it is a part and what its expectations are”, says the pro- dean of Inclusion and Belonging, Ana Lúcia Duarte Lanna.

The link to answer the questionnaire was sent to the institutional email of the entire USP community and will be available until September 18th. The estimated time to complete the survey is approximately 20 minutes. The information provided is confidential and will not be disclosed.

“The questionnaire aims to inform us, to create a qualified listening channel that makes it possible to develop policies and improve the conditions of inclusion and belonging. Bringing diversity into USP and creating conditions for permanence and recognition of this permanence, therefore, everyone’s participation is fundamental”, reinforces the pro-rector.

Inclusion and Belonging
The “ PRIP Questionnaire: Inclusion and Belonging at USP ” is one of PRIP’s first wide-ranging actions aimed at the internal community.

Created in May of this year, the Dean of Inclusion and Belonging will centralize and coordinate the University’s actions aimed at affirmative and permanence policies, adding them to Teaching, Research and Extension activities.

“The creation of the PRIP was an acknowledgment that the University was undergoing a major transformation in the profile of its students, faculty and staff, and that diversity is a central theme in Brazilian society and in the world as a whole. It was an effort to bring together USP’s various initiatives, increase them and build new perspectives and new affirmative policies”, explains Ana Lanna.

Acting on ethnic-racial, cultural, socioeconomic, gender, mental health, disability, memory and human rights issues, the PRIP should propose actions to create opportunities for greater equality and convergence at the University and encourage a culture based on respect. and valuing diversity.

The new Dean’s Office is being structured in five areas – Campus life; Mental health and social well-being; Women, ethnic-racial relations and diversities; Training and professional life; and Human Rights and reparation, memory and justice policies.

In addition to the questionnaire, the PRIP has already been responsible for defining the criteria for action by the Heteroidentification Commission, which will verify the self-declaration of candidates summoned for registration in the form of places reserved for the affirmative action policy for blacks and browns. The Heteroidentification Commission will act in the next entrance exam.

Another action, scheduled for September, is the launch of the public notice for the post-doctoral program for black researchers in all areas of knowledge.

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