University of South Africa: CGS hosts successful postgraduate virtual open day


The facilitator for the day, Prof Jessica Murray, welcomed all attendees and confirmed the college’s commitment to the university’s postgraduate students. She also reiterated the institution’s resilience in the face of challenges such as load shedding. Multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary research continues to be at the core of all activities, providing a unique range of master’s and doctoral research opportunities under high-quality supervision.

Prof Jessica Murray

Representatives of the different portfolios shared information with prospective postgraduate students. The topics covered included the application processes that students need to follow, the application for student numbers, the registration process, guidelines for research outlines, and forms for prospective master’s and doctoral candidates. In addition, prospective students were informed about the various support services available such as career counselling, library services, research support and bursaries.

Students were also given tips on streamlining their attempts to communicate with the university. Tips include using a direct e-mail address for special requests, adding student numbers to e-mails and avoiding using unauthorised e-mail addresses. In addition, Unisa provides students with unique e-mail addresses to use in their communication with the university. By following these guidelines, students can effectively access information.

The College of Graduate Studies looks forward to receiving new postgraduate students and assisting them in their academic endeavours.