University of Tübingen: 29th Tübingen Heritage Run returns to the city center


The countdown is running! Only a few days left until the running weekend of the 29th Tübingen Heritage Run, which will take place in Tübingen from Saturday, September 17th to Sunday, September 18th, 2022. The runners of the Virtual Charity Run will be on their routes from September 10th. Under the leadership of Marc Oßwald, Dieter Baumann and Judith Wais and with the support of students, the event is being organized by the Institute for Sports Science at the University of Tübingen and in cooperation with the Athletics Association (LAV) Stadtwerke Tübingen.

After two years of having to switch to other formats due to the pandemic, the Tübingen Heritage Run returns to the city center on the usual route this year. With one small change: through the major construction site at Europaplatz, the running route does not run through the park but along Uhlandstraße. This reduces the distance in the main run to 9 kilometers, which are completed in three laps. The basic idea of ​​the 1st Tübingen city run, to unite mass sport and top-class sport in one event, will also be adhered to with the 29th edition: With the Everyone Can Run over 3 kilometers, it is possible to run just one lap. In the CHT relay race, too, each person runs one lap and teams of three people complete the 9 kilometers together.

The BG Handbike Challenge is taking place for the fifth time. The wheelchair race is aimed at ambitious recreational athletes and handbike beginners are also very welcome. The participants compete in different competition classes and drive a technically demanding circuit that differs somewhat from the main course. The start is possible with both an adaptive bike and a racing bike.

The Volksbank student run will take place on Saturday, September 17th on the Neckarinsel/Platanenallee. The youngest students under 12 run 1,000 meters, those under 14 run 1,500 meters and those under 16 run 2,000 meters.
By the registration deadline, 1111 runners had registered for the main run. 559 junior runners are registered for the Volksbank student run. 18 participants start for the BG Handbike Challenge. So far, 130 runners have registered for the Everyone Can Run. There are 24 pre-registered teams for the relay race.

late registrations
Late registrations are possible for all competitions up to a certain quota. For this purpose, the online registration platform will be opened again up to two hours before the respective competition or closed earlier as soon as the quota has been exhausted.

Race pads and t-shirts
A t-shirt will be handed out on site, on Saturday in the Uhlandhalle and on Sunday in the clubhouse on Wilhelmstrasse. The starting numbers will be sent to the runners by post. The participants in the Handbike Challenge will receive their starting documents on site, students who have registered through their schools will receive them through the respective school. The participants in the various competitions will also be provided with all the information by e-mail.

Virtual Charity Run
The Virtual Charity Run, initiated by the name sponsor Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH, will start on Saturday, September 10th. Anyone, no matter how, where or when, can collect kilometers for a good cause until Sunday, September 18th. Spontaneous people can also take part, registration will remain open until the end. So far there have been 278 registrations. Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH donates 50 cents per kilometer to the international organization Doctors Without Borders.

Social partners Tübinger Tafel eV
Those who take part in the heritage run in Tübingen on September 17th and 18th, their kilometers will benefit the social partner, the Tübinger Tafel. Here, too, Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH donates 50 cents for every kilometer. In addition, runners can donate themselves on Sunday by running through the donation gate on Mühlstraße. Five euros per run go to the Tübinger Tafel. This non-profit, donation-funded association saves around 4.5 tons of food every week, supporting around 700 households.

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