University of Washington: UW welcomes robust and diverse 2021 entering class

The University of Washington’s newest class of undergraduate students is robust and diverse, according to the finalized fall 2021 census of enrolled students.

The incoming new class across all three campuses, including first-year students and transfer students, totals 11,670, of which 8,398 — 72% — are Washington residents.

A total of 2,419 Washington community college transfer students enrolled at the UW across all three campuses — 1,266 in Seattle, 523 in Bothell and 630 in Tacoma. Of these, 84.7% are Washington residents.

The Seattle campus enrolled its largest freshman class, 7,249, including 4,520 Washington residents — also a new high — and a record number of underrepresented minority students. Of the 8,729 new undergraduates on the Seattle campus, 7,249 are freshmen, 1,480 are transfers and 1,438 are from underrepresented minority groups. Overall, the undergraduate application pool for the Seattle campus increased this year by 10%, resulting in 53,608 total applications, with an admissions rate of 53%. The Seattle campus’ admission rate for Washington residents was 57%.

Total enrollment across all three campuses decreased slightly from 60,418 to 60,116 (49,025 in Seattle, 6,069 at UW Bothell and 5,039 at UW Tacoma — 17 students are enrolled at more than one UW campus).

Of the 60,116 enrolled students across all three campuses, 42,588 are undergraduate and 17,528 are pursuing graduate or professional degrees. The number of international students enrolled across all three campuses is 8,352 (13.9 %) – 7,735 in Seattle; 406 at UW Bothell; and 213 at UW Tacoma.