Utrecht University: Niels Bovenschen appointed Professor

Niels Bovenschen external linkwas appointed Professor of ‘Biomedical Research-based Education’ at the Faculty of Medicine as of 15 October. The emphasis of his chair is on education and aims to further strengthen the connection between biomedical research, care and education. Multidisciplinary cooperation and the connection with societal relevant problems are central to this.

Niels Bovenschen is head of the research laboratory of the Department of Pathology (UMC Utrecht) and his group conducts research on the immune response to cancer and viral infections. Niels has successfully completed the Senior Fellow programme and he has recently been appointed Principal Fellow at the Centre for Academic Teaching, Utrecht University. He is examiner of several teaching components within the Faculty of Medicine and CHARM-EU, an alliance of five European universities including Utrecht University. He is the initiator of the concept of ‘Bachelor Research Hubs external link’ where students – already at the early bachelor phase – collaborate in a multidisciplinary manner and conduct research on relevant problems from society in synergy with faculty research. In 2019 Niels won the Outstanding Teacher Award from Utrecht University.