UPES unveils new brand identity to reflect its transformation and vision for the future

New Delhi: Marking a major milestone University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) today announced that it has undergone a brand identity makeover and introduced its new logo to that effect. The rebranding reflects both the transformation of UPES since its establishment in 2003 as well as its vision for the future.

The new logo unit of UPES comprises of a stylish red and yellow ‘U’ followed by initials of the university- ‘UPES’. While the red in ‘U’ depicts momentum, the yellow block symbolizes a flame of knowledge. The new typeface lends a modern, clean look. While the logo and brand colors have changed to better represent what UPES is today, it’s value proposition remains the same – Relevant, Authentic, Future-focused, Contemporary and Transparent.

As part of the rebranding exercise constituent colleges and schools of UPES have also been renamed as-
School of Engineering
School of Computer Science
School of Business
School of Law
School of Design
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Utpal Ghosh, CEO & President, UPES said, “UPES is being reshaped continuously to deliver on our commitment of providing most relevant and transformative education. As we look forward to our journey ahead, it is important that we reflect the aspirations of the evolving youth, while keeping our DNA and legacy intact. We are confident that the new brand identity will truly complement our vision of developing the right talent who can lead the next wave of national development.”

14 years of UPES
UPES was established in 2003 with 240 students in its College of Management and College of Engineering, with only three petroleum programs on offer. It was Asia’s first core sector university.
In 2005 it started offering programs in energy, infrastructure and transportation sector.
In 2007 College of Legal Studies was formed with focus on energy specialization within legal studies.
Year 2010 saw one-of-its-kind academic collaboration between UPES and IBM and the university introduced 15 B. Tech Computer Science specializations.
By 2011 UPES had expanded beyond petroleum and energy sectors
Two years later, in 2013, UPES opened its College of Design Studies, first in the state of Uttarakhand
In 2017 UPES has two campuses spread in 45 acres, 100+ labs, 80+ programs in computer science, engineering, business & management, law, design and public policy, more than 11000 students, over a dozen of purposeful academic collaborations with leading organizations, around 540 faculty members and much more to provide superlative learning experience.