Ural Federal University: 1101 Applications Submitted for Digital Chair Programs


At Ural Federal University, students of any field of study have the opportunity to obtain an additional IT specialty. Along with the basic education, it is possible to get additional training at the Digital Chair project.

Now the most popular programs in it are “Digital Marketing,” “Applied Programming in Python,” and “Web Development in Java and Typescript. A total of 1101 applications have already been submitted for the project “Digital Chair”, but enrollment is still continuing until September 11 and everyone has the opportunity to enroll even in the most in-demand courses.

“Studying at Digital Chair expands students’ opportunities in the IT field. They will have practice-oriented classes with lecturers from different fields. At the end, the students will have an internship at one of the IT companies from the partner companies, where they can find employment in the future,” says Anastasiya Markina, the project’s Lead Manager.

The “Digital Chair” is open to students of IT and non-IT specialties: Bachelors from the 2nd year and above, Specialists from the 3rd year, Master’s students studying non-IT specialties. Classes will be held by both university lecturers and lecturers-practitioners, specialists of partner companies in the IT sector.

“Programming skills are currently in high demand among employers. Now the basics of working in IT programs is not a unique skill, but a universal competence,” comments Anastasiya Markina.

If the students prove themselves well in the practical sessions, employment is possible after the internship. Companies are now interested in specialists in analyzing large databases.

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