Ural Federal University: Dmitry Redin is an Honorary Member of the Institute of Russian Studies Socius Honoris Causa

Dmitry Redin, head of the Laboratory of Editing Archaeography at Ural Federal University, became an honorary member of the Socius Honoris Causa Institute of Russian Studies at Lorand Eötvös University of Budapest. He was awarded the medal “For the Fruitful Promotion of International Recognition of the Institute/Centre for Russian Studies”.

The award is given to representatives of Hungarian and international historical Russian studies who have contributed to the most effective and comprehensive development of the Center for Rustic Studies at the University of Budapest, influenced the process of international recognition of Hungarian historical Russian studies, strengthened bilateral scientific relations, and for special services to the development and promotion of historical Russian studies in Hungary.

This is the fifteenth time in the eleven years of the award’s existence. Among the recipients are members of the Hungarian and Russian Academies of Sciences, prominent Russian historians, including Ruslan Skrynnikov (St. Petersburg State University, Russia), Nikolai Ryazanovsky (University of California at Berkeley, USA), Anne Kleimola (University of Nebraska, USA), Philip Longworth (McGill University, Canada), Paul Dukes (University of Aberdeen, UK), etc.

In 2013, under the leadership of Dmitry Redin, UrFU established the International Center for Historical Russian Studies. It is one of Russia’s largest centers for studying the social history of the 18th-20th centuries. The historical information obtained by the center’s specialists is of a pioneering nature and reveals the essence of processes both in Russia and in other countries.