Ural Federal University: Exhibitions Dedicated to the 101st Anniversary of UrFU Opened at the University

On the day of the 101st anniversary of Ural Federal University, several exhibitions were opened on the University grounds. The Museum and Exhibition Complex of the University has launched two exhibitions: “Archaeology: People, Events and Years” and “Scientific Schools of UrFU”.

The exhibition “Archaeology: people, events and years” from the cycle “Museum in Museum” was created together with the Archaeological Museum of UrFU (head – Olga Korochkova).

“The exhibition presents findings from various archaeological expeditions of students and teachers of UrSU (now UrFU). In addition to finds, one can also see archival photos of expeditions starting from the 1940s,” said Yulia Shaton, director of the UrFU Museum and Exhibition Complex.

The exhibition “Scientific Schools of UrFU” is based on the encyclopedia “Scientific Schools of Ural Federal University” and tells about scientists of the university and their achievements.

Also the International Department of the University launched the exhibition “101 Years – 101 Countries”. The exhibition is devoted to the history of international relations of UrFU and highlights key events of the university on a global scale. The exhibition uses photos from the Ural Federal University Museum’s archive.