Ural Federal University: Inclusion Days Held at University

Inclusion Days were held at the Multifunctional Resource Center of Ural Federal University from May 20 to 21. About 200 people took part in the events: students with disabilities, lecturers, international students studying without disabilities, students from specialized school №13 (for hearing-impaired children), students from Everest specialized school (for children with locomotor disabilities).

On the first day of the event there was a business game “Extrability” – a practical and reflective workshop of inclusive teams. Lecturers, students and high school students found options for interaction to achieve a common goal. A collage about inclusive human capabilities had to be created, and the collage, their team and themselves had to be presented.

On the second day, workshops on effective interaction with students with mobility impairments were held. Guests discussed walking in the dark, neurodevelopmental practices, and the specifics of adapting materials for students with different nosologies.

“The two days of inclusion at UrFU were successful, as we achieved the main goal – inclusive interaction of everyone took place, participants learned not only to speak clearly, but also to listen to everyone,” said Oleg Kolpashchikov, president of non-profit organization “White Cane”, one of the organizers of the events.

Alena Nevolina, Head of the Department of Academic Development at UrFU, agrees with this opinion.

“The inclusive interaction was successful, as the feedback from the participants was unexpectedly honest and sincere, and all the organizers really enjoyed the events that took place,” said Alena Nevolina.

The event was held as part of the project “School of Young Masters of Inclusion,” which aims to create conditions to address the problem of successful socialization and inclusion of children belonging to different social groups, and is implemented by the Department of Academic Development of Ural Federal University together with the non-profit organization “White Cane”.