Ural Federal University: Inclusive Festival Finished at the University

The sports and cultural festival for students with disabilities “We Can Do Anything!” ended at Ural Federal University. Students from various universities and colleges in Ekaterinburg gathered at UrFU from May 24-27. On the final day of the festival, a full sports program awaited them.

The day began with a motivational meeting and workout with Aleksandr Savichev, captain of the Russian sitting volleyball team and silver medalist of the 2020 Paralympic Games. He spoke about his life and sports career.

“In Ekaterinburg, there are many opportunities for people with disabilities to start practicing sports. If you have a desire, you only need to start, to try at least for yourself,” said Aleksandr Savichev.

After that, the athlete and the participants warmed up, so they were more comfortable participating in sports games and competitions.

All in all, there were two competitions on the sports day: darts and arm wrestling, as well as boules. Boules is a sport played with small balls: a ball must be thrown as close as possible to a set point. Today it is one of the fastest growing sports for people with disabilities.

At the end of the festival the winners were awarded certificates and commemorative prizes.