Ural Federal University: University Is One of the Best Taxpayers of Ekaterinburg

The Ural Federal University has become one of the best taxpayers in Ekaterinburg. The results of the city-wide competition were summed up by the competition committee chaired by the Deputy Mayor of Ekaterinburg Andrey Koryukov.

The competition was attended by 15 organizations from various sectors of the economy, which provided at the end of 2021 the receipt of tax payments in the following amounts: organizations – not less than 100 million rubles, small and medium-sized businesses – not less than 5 million rubles.

As a result, UrFU became the best taxpayer in 2021. In addition to the Ural Federal University, the Ural Metal Structures Plant, LSR. Construction-Ural, Cold Storage Facility No. 3, and LLC Trading-service Auto-center Iyul were awarded.

Winners are noted for ensuring the growth of payments to the municipality’s budget and active participation in social activities.