Ural Federal University: International Students Presented Favorite Places of Homeland and Ekaterinburg

In the main educational building of the Ural Federal University on June 1 a photo exhibition “I Love My Homeland! I love Russia! I love Ekaterinburg! I love UrFU!”. At it students of Ural Federal University from more than 30 countries showed their favorite places in their home countries and Ekaterinburg. Victor Koksharov, Rector of UrFU, opened the exhibition in a festive atmosphere.

“Each of the presented works shows the author’s individuality, love for the homeland and the second home, which became UrFU and Ekaterinburg. We strive to be a university where many cultures represented. For students from Russia and other countries to exchange culture and be enriched by it,” said the rector.

The exhibition was organized by the UrFU International Office.

“I would like to thank you for the sincerity with which our international students approached preparing the exhibition, and to reveal a little secret: having started within the walls of the university, the exhibition will continue its life at other significant venues in Ekaterinburg. After all the events, each student will receive a photo as a memento of his or her time at UrFU,” said Sergey Tushin, Vice-Rector for International Relations.

The students – the authors of the photos – also spoke at the opening of the exhibition, telling about the places represented in the pictures.

“Now, by walking on our favorite “parquet,” we can visit the most beautiful places of our countries. Thank you for this incredible opportunity,” said student Elen Kirakosyan from Armenia.