Ural Federal University: Tourism Students Participated in WorldSkills for the First Time

Tourism students of UrFU Ural Institute of Humanities from May 30 to 31 competed for the title of the best in the WorldSkills intramural championship. Sophia Sirina and Ekaterina Uryadnikova represented the second year, Elizaveta Dryagina and Aleksandr Osintsev represented the third year, and Anna Tarasenko and Evgenia Simakova were part of the Masters team.

Select a tour and prepare documents, work out a tourist product, collect the necessary documents, create a concept of territory development, prepare a presentation and answer questions from the experts – this is only part of the tasks that were to solve the competition participants.

Execution of tasks was complicated by detailing and strict evaluation criteria, time limitation and serious competitive conditions. However, despite the difficulties, the participants coped, showed a decent level and desire to creatively develop tourism. Now they are waiting for the results to see who is the best.