Ural Federal University: Largest Institute Celebrates Jubilee

Today the Ural Institute of Humanities of Ural Federal University celebrates its anniversary. Ural Institute of Humanities was formed in 2017 on the basis of two major divisions of Ural Federal University: Institute of Humanities and Arts and Institute of Social and Political Sciences. Ural Institute of Humanities is the successor of the classical traditions of A.M. Gorky Ural State University, which became part of UrFU in 2011.

“The Ural Institute of Humanities is the largest institute in the Ural Federal University, it includes all the departments of the socio-humanities of a large federal university: the Faculty of History, the Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of Journalism, the Faculty of Art History, Cultural Studies and Design, as well as the Faculty of International Relations, the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, the Faculty of Psychology, the Faculty of Philosophy, and the Faculty of Linguistics. The educational programs implemented by the departments are constantly modernized and updated”, the Ural Institute of Humanities noted.

In addition, the Ural Institute of Humanities includes the Institute for Retraining and Professional Development, the Confucius Institute UrFU, the Interregional Institute of Social Sciences, and the Research Institute of the Russian Culture.

“Three departments of Ural Federal University have already celebrated their 80th anniversary. And the first association of humanities in the structure of the university took place 75 years ago, when philologists, historians and journalists were united in one department. Today Ural Institute of Humanities of Ural Federal University is a prestigious educational and academic cluster of world significance, one of the leading research centers in the field of social sciences and humanities”, the Institute adds.