Ural Federal University: UrFU Welcomes Potential International Students

On May 20, a meeting of foreign students studying at universities of the Russian Federation with representatives of the Ural Federal University took place.

Students from China, Egypt, Syria and Iraq came to Ekaterinburg. All of them are currently studying Bachelor’s degree programs in various cities such as Ufa, Kazan, Saratov and Ekaterinburg.

A number of events aimed at getting to know the university were organized for students. After a casual tea party and conversation, the Vice-Rector for International Relations Sergey Tushin and Deputy Vice-Rector Ilya Kuzmin made a welcoming speech to the participants. The presentation of the university was made by an employee of the International Office Kamran Guseynov. Representatives of Institute of Chemical Engineering and Ural Institute of Humanities also addressed the students, introducing them to Master’s Degree programs. Students also had an opportunity to take part in an exciting quest prepared by the staff of Graduate School of Economics and Management.

After a short lunch break, the students went to the UrFU Museum, where they learned more about the history of the university from its foundation to the present day. Satisfied with the university and expressing their desire to continue their studies here, the guests, accompanied by International Office staff, went on a tour of the city center to get to know Ekaterinburg better.