Ural Federal University: New Backup Data Center Launched at University

The Department of Information Technologies of the UrFU has launched a new backup data processing center. The new facility is designed to store backup copies of information processed at the Ural Federal University Data Center.

“To improve information security, backups must be geographically dispersed with the information being processed. The Data Center is very important for the university’s information systems, as it ensures the stability of their work,” the department notes.

Besides backup systems, the new data center hosts some servers for basic information infrastructure services of the university and a large node of the university network, where fiber-optic cables from all main University buildings and academic buildings converge.

“We have created an optimal microclimate for the equipment in the center: a multi-component air conditioning system, an air humidification subsystem and centralized uninterruptible power supplies,” said the department.

The equipment is powered by two independent substations with automatic backup, and the entire load of the center can keep working if one substation is disconnected in case of an accident or for the duration of preventive maintenance.

“According to the project, the data center is designed for 12 racks with equipment with a total capacity of 40 kW, but now the electricity and air conditioning equipment is only installed for a load of 20 kW. Reserve of 50% is left for further development of digital transformation processes”, stressed the department.

In the data center not only the equipment was transferred from the old server room, but also the equipment in operation. Employees of the Department of Information Technology gradually moved servers, switches, routers, and cables by subsystems. This made it possible to avoid major interruptions in communications.

“The work was performed by a team of 10 people and was a series of complex and interesting engineering tasks. In total, the design, coordination of technical solutions, repair of the room, creation of engineering systems and transfer of equipment took more than a year and a half,” noted in the department.

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