Ural Federal University: The University hosted the Ekaterinburg International Model UN

The IX Ekaterinburg International Model UN (EMUN) was held at Ural Federal University in the online format. It was attended by young people interested in international activities. These were students from Russia, Belarus, China, Laos, Guatemala, Pakistan, Laos, Colombia and Ecuador. The opening ceremony of the model began with opening remarks by Dmitry Kalinin, Secretary General of International Model UN.

“Challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic are not an obstacle for modelers. For the second year in a row we have successfully held the Ekaterinburg International Model UN in the online format and attracted an increasing number of guests, experts and delegates,” said Dmitry Kalinin.

During the opening ceremony, welcoming speeches were also made by guests from various agencies and organisations which support the activities of the Ekaterinburg International Model UN and work actively on the UN and the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the International Model UN, delegates held meetings in such committees as the Security Council, UNIDO, UN-Habitat and Unesco – in Russian, and the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and the Security Council – in English. Participants discussed various aspects of international peace: post-conflict urban reconstruction, threats of terrorism in Central Asia as related to the situation in Afghanistan, the ethics of artificial intelligence in education, green energy topics in developing countries, and the social well-being of women in Europe and Central Asia.

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