Ural Federal University: School Students Discovered How Campus is Being Built in Novokoltsovsky District


Pupils of the construction class in Ekaterinburg visited the construction site in Novokoltsovsky District, where Sinara-Development is building facilities for international sports competitions. The students were shown the dormitory complex, the community center building, the canteen, the training field, the water sports palace. The children learned about the features of the construction of facilities, as well as what technologies and materials are used and what opportunities it will provide in the future.

“The construction complex of the Sverdlovsk Region is on the rise, about 2 million square meters of housing is built annually, many public and industrial facilities, so the need for qualified personnel in this area today is enormous. They were able to witness the foundation of the new student center in Ekaterinburg. I hope that this excursion will strongly encourage them to apply to the Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Ural Federal University. Perhaps some of these students will study at the new campus in the future,” said Victor Koksharov, Rector of UrFU.

Ural Federal University Rector added that an additional 100 thousand square meters should be commissioned in the Novokoltsovsky district by 2026. The new buildings will house the Graduate School of Economics and Management and the Engineering School of Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Control Systems of Ural Federal University. In addition, the Specialized Education and Research Center of the university will move here.

“It is very important that students who apply to us from different regions of Russia live and study in comfortable conditions. We showed the students a live construction site, the facilities of which are designed specifically for young people. They saw a modern campus and what their future and their development would entail. We had only dreamt about this before, we lived in other dormitories and studied in other classrooms. That is why I am really excited about it and want them to take full advantage of the new campus,” Koksharov said.