Ural Federal University: The Commander Islands Now at the University

As part of the celebration of the 85th anniversary of the writer Vladislav Krapivin, which was launched by the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuyvashev, yesterday at the University the Student Youth Platform of the Commander Islands project was opened.

In Room 438 on Lenin Avenue, 51, which is a named classroom of Vladislav Krapivin, a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism of Ural State University (now Ural Federal University), placed a mast with a wheel, swords, stands with information about the writer, which created the pupils of the center “Caravelle” as well as bookcases, magazines and personal things of Krapivin.

“Auditorium 438 is legendary for all students of the Faculty of Journalism. This is where applicants come for preparatory courses, where first-year students go for lectures, and where various events, from holidays to conferences, are held. It is probably the most beloved auditorium for the department, which is why we chose it. Now this soulfulness will be even greater. It is not a museum yet, but it is not just a classroom.It will be something more,” said Vladimir Volkomorov, Head of the Faculty of Journalism.

This is already the second site created in honor of the author and appeared in the region due to the efforts of community activists and the government of the Sverdlovsk region (the project was implemented with funds allocated on a competitive basis from the regional budget). The first site – The Military Childhood – was located in the Caravella Center. Here the corner of Krapivin’s room was recreated, including personal belongings of his family.

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