Ural Federal University: University Accelerates Artificial Intelligence Programs Development

Ural Federal University has won a grant of 37 million rubles from the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education to develop educational programs in artificial intelligence. The corresponding document is published on the website of the department.

At the moment, the university has programs in this area, implemented jointly with Sber and the Yandex School of Data Analysis. In 2022, UrFU will launch new programs in artificial intelligence engineering, Data Science and smart energy.

According to Andrey Sozykin, head of the School of Professional and Academic Education at the Engineering School of Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Control Systems – RTF of UrFU, there are several big trends in which artificial intelligence specialists around the world are working.

“The first is the creation of self-driving cars. Now, the systems are already working quite well, although such cars sometimes get into accidents. According to forecasts, in five years they will start driving error-free, and then they will appear on the roads more often. The second area is the creation of artificial intelligence systems for medicine. For example, UrFU is already developing a system to help doctors make diagnoses. The use of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity to create systems for automatic intrusion detection and response is also promising,” says Andrey Sozykin.

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