Ural Federal University: University Began to Equip the Carbon Polygon with Equipment

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation is presenting the Ural-Carbon project to the participants of the Eastern Economic Forum. One of the first seven research sites is being created in the Sverdlovsk region at the initiative of Ural Federal University.

“The network of carbon test sites is a unique world-class project that will serve as the basis for a new system of greenhouse gas monitoring. Ural Federal University is engaged in monitoring in coniferous forests, the total area of which is 600 hectares. In the near future a 30 meter tower and special equipment will be installed there to measure greenhouse gases over the forests”, said Anton Shashkin, Adviser to the Head of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.

Information about the first seven sites of the carbon polygons program is presented to attract more Russian regions to the initiative. These polygons should provide coverage of all existing types of ecosystems in the country – not less than 80 polygons throughout the country.

Another task of the project presentation will be to attract businesses. The Ural-Carbon polygon will be supported by Sinara Transport Machines Holding and Pipe Metallurgical Company.

“At each carbon polygon, a carbon farm is being created – a model of a sequestration enterprise that will earn money from absorbing carbon dioxide – producing carbon units. Businesses are interested in this in order to reduce their carbon footprint in the future,” noted Anton Shashkin.

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