Ural Federal University: University Humanitarians Celebrated Anniversary

The Ural Institute of Humanities of Ural Federal University held a staff meeting. During it, honored employees were awarded, and Ural Institute of Humanities lecturers performed creative performances.

Elvira Symanyuk, Director of the Institute, opened the meeting. She noted that it was due to the hard work, resilience and optimism of the Institute’s staff that by its fifth anniversary it had become one of the leaders of socio-humanitarian education in Russia.

First Vice-Rector of the Ural Federal University Dmitry Bugrov awarded 43 employees of the institute with certificates and commendations from the rector of the university.

“Humanitarians remain in demand at all times – including today, when the key agenda is devoted to the material and production breakthrough,” stressed Dmitry Bugrov.

Then directors of departments were invited on stage to present holiday addresses, as well as employees who received from the institute certificates of merit in several categories: “Devotion to the Profession”, “Effective Management of the Educational Program”, “Mentors”, “Productive Support of the Educational Process”, “Success in Scientific Activity”, “Successful Scientific Start”, “Work with Partners”.

The most experienced employees were also awarded. In a festive atmosphere, Lydia Baranova, Chairman of the Ural Institute of Humanities’s Professional Bureau, and Rafail Iskhakov, Chairman of the Council of Veterans, awarded badges and certificates to specialists who were awarded the title “Ural Federal University Veteran” in 2022.

In addition, at the meeting a new Academic Council of the Institute was elected.