Ural Federal University: University Library Was Enriched with Antique Books

Ekaterinburg gymnasium with advanced study of the German language presented four antique books to the library of the Ural Federal University. These are works by a Norwegian author in German with Gothic script. All four volumes are dated 1890, which testifies to their value for history.

“The majority of our high school graduates choose German-related professions. For some, German remains an important part of their life. Thus, our graduate of 1954, Victor Chudnovsky, gave these books to our gymnasium. This is very special, complicated literature, which is not studied at school. The meeting of students with the Ural Federal University provided an opportunity to present books to the university for the development of cultural studies, linguistics, and history,” says Svetlana Trukhina, Principal of the Gymnasium № 37.

The books will be available to all students who are interested, but since the edition is considered an antique, certain rules of use will be imposed. The books themselves are in good condition: the bindings are strong, all the cards are preserved, and the text is well readable. No special restoration work is required.

“For me, books have been and still are a source of inspiration. This year, on February 14, International Book Giving Day, our gymnasium participated in the campaign and donated 100 books to the city library. This initiative was also supported by parents of schoolchildren. It was so great to participate that it inspired us to donate antique books to the university,” adds Svetlana Trukhina.

It should be noted that the partnership with the university is maintained in the line of education in the humanities. Graduates of the gymnasium actively enroll at UrFU in fields related to political science and linguistics.