Ural Federal University: University Told How Not to Make the Wrong Decision in Choosing an Educational Program

Ural Federal University’s Graduate School of Economics and Management organized a meeting with parents and prospective students on June 1. Those wishing to learn more about admission to the university in 2022 and about bachelor’s and specialist degree programs in economics, management, and law gathered in the main academic building, as well as online.

Sergey Kulpin, Executive Secretary of the Selection Committee of Ural Federal University, told about the main nuances of admission this year: budgetary places, scholarships, discounts and grants, with special attention to the timing of admission.

“To keep up to date with all the events of the admission campaign, register in your personal account, ask questions in the chat and keep track of notifications. Please note, this year you must present the original educational document, certificate or diploma,” noted Kulpin.

Larisa Bogdanova, President of the Association of Recruiting Agencies of the Ural, Director of IBC Human Resources Agency, answered the question that worries everyone: “How to choose a training direction in order to get a good job?” The expert told about the variety of career paths, as well as highlighted the main positions in the rating of specialists who are hunted by the best employers. Top positions were occupied by salespeople, analysts, financiers, engineers and IT-specialists. Larisa Bogdanova noted the importance of developing a resume in advance.

Bachelor’s and Master’s students Aleksey Berdnikov, Nadezhda Poilova, Anna Davletbaeva and Nikita Morozov shared their experience of entering and studying at Graduate School of Economics and Management and revealed many tips for successful studies and demand in the labor market. The main advice of the students to those who have just entered: listen to themselves and their parents, find out more about the program they are interested in, so that they will not be disappointed with their choice of specialty.