Ural Federal University: University Will Host Full-Time Test Drive

On April 2 and 3, participants of the annual project Test Drive at Ural Federal University, who passed the qualifying stages, will gather at the university for the full-time stage. 300 schoolchildren from different regions of Russia will enjoy exciting lectures, useful master classes, as well as a cultural and entertaining program.

Traditionally, all participants will experience an extensive educational program in five areas: Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Economics and Management. Lecturers of Ural Federal University will acquaint students with the opportunities of the university and immerse them in their future professions.

“We prepared the program in such a way that the children would not be bored. We also hope that meeting the university professors will help the students to determine what they see themselves as in the future. And a sports festival, a concert of Ural Federal University creative teams, a disco and a final flash mob will help the participants to get a lot of bright emotions and relax,” told the organizers.

As a reminder, to get to the full-time stage, the participants had to be tested, as well as perform two creative tasks and win the voting. As a result, 70 teams were successful.

“It was not easy, a lot of effort and energy was required, but the result was worth it. When the results were announced, the team was nervous. However, when everyone received an e-mail, we were overwhelmed with emotion, it is impossible to convey in words! I want to use this opportunity to the best of our abilities. And then to visit Ural Federal University again, only as an applicant,” said Mikhail Iskorkin, a student of school No. 7 (Rezh), a participant of the full-time stage.

Teachers of the Test Drive participants will participate in the 11th Teachers’ Congress at Ural Federal University on April 2 and 3. Specialists from Ural Federal University will conduct an educational program on working with academically gifted children.

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