USTC: USTC and ACS Announce the Collaboration in Publishing the New Journal Precision Chemistry


The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and the Publication Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS) recently held an online signing ceremony, announcing the joint publication of the new journal Precision Chemistry, which is the first collaboration in publishing between the two sides and a major step in strengthening the partnership between the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the ACS.

On behalf of each side, President of USTC, Prof. BAO Xinhe, and President of the Publication Division of ACS, Dr. James Milne, signed the agreement. The representatives from both sides witnessed the important moment. The Executive Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Prof. DUAN Fangfeng from UCLA, also expressed his congratulations for the cooperation and shared his expectations for the future development of the journal.

Early in this May, USTC and the ACS jointly organized an online forum on the theme of precision chemistry, which was a great success. The excellent presentations by the scientists from the U.S., Europe and China attracted over 125,000 attendees.

Precision Chemistry will publish high-level, original precision-oriented research in chemistry and interdisciplinary fields that are of great importance, including but not limited to cutting-edge research results in computation, design, synthesis, characterization, and application, etc. With a respectful and inclusive attitude to science, the journal will serve the chemistry and science community at large by providing a platform for high-quality and open academic exchange. The journal will publish original papers, reviews, outlooks, flash reports, and diverse short editorials.

As a university with long and distinguished history in basic science research, USTC has always been committed to training outstanding scientists and serving the rapidly evolving needs of the global scientific community. The launch of Precision Chemistry is in line with the vision and mission of USTC and USTC looks forward to more fruitful collaborations between the two prestigious institutions.

Academician YANG Jinlong from USTC serves as Editor-in-Chief of the journal. He said, “Precision” represents the future of chemical research, emphasizing not only the controllability, predictability and accuracy of processes and results, but also the ability to stimulate creativity and innovation. In recent years, more and more cutting-edge research has been reported around the concept of “precision”, and Precision Chemistry will provide a perfect platform for communicating these exciting research efforts. He hopes this journal will be the first choice for researchers to publish their high-quality, impactful research in nearer future.

Dr. James Milne, President of the American Chemical Society Press, also expressed his pleasure in the international collaboration with such a prestigious institution as USTC and that Precision Chemistry is an exciting new addition to the ACS’s journal family, believing Academician YANG will lead the journal to success.

Prof. LIU Shiyong, Executive Dean of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science of USTC, holds that with USTC’s world-renowned research ability in chemistry and materials and the industry-leading publishing experience of the ACS Press, Precision Chemistry will become a journal with international influence.

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