UTMN: Studying abroad: University of Guadalajara

UTMN offers its student a unique opportunity to study abroad. The student’s mobility program was developed to provide UTMN students with the opportunity to study free of charge at an international university for one or two semesters.

Vitaly Sundeev spent the spring semester 2019-20 at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico:
“Surprisingly, during lock-down, I did not panic. I’ve even learned to benefit from it. Self-isolation helped to stay more productive and gave me more leeway in terms of time management. I think my ability to be content alone helped me through this a lot. I spend my free time on self-development.
Studying online helped me better understand the material. However, as an international student, I was worried that due to the abrupt transition to the online format, there will be communication issues between professors and me. Fortunately, professors and classmates were happy to help.
I don’t regret going abroad at all. It was interesting to see the world from a completely different side. Such trips expand your consciousness. There is always room for discovery, a chance to learn more about the world.
For students, who are considering going, my advice is to be brave. It is not as scary to fly to the other end of the world as it seems. The experience, emotions, and knowledge gained are worth it.”