Siberian Federal University: SibFU among the leaders of graduate employment success

Siberian Federal University ranked sixth in the first regional employment success ranking of Russian universities. This survey was carried out by analysts of, the largest Russian online platform for job and employee search.

SibFU scored 116.9 points. The average expected salary of graduates was 60,316 roubles. analyzed Russian universities with more than 3,000 students (excluding military universities and universities of Moscow), from more than 300 educational institutions. The experts studied 3.9 million resumes of Russian applicants with higher education who were searching for a job in 2020 — the first half of 2021, focusing on salary expectations and the proportion of university graduates applying for top management positions.

Each of the four evaluation criteria had an equivalent weight to the final score — 25 % each. When summed up according to their weight, the independent assessments determined the positions of the universities.

Evaluation criteria for analysts:

the level of salaries for which applicants apply;
the proportion of university graduates applying for top management positions;
the number of CVs of university graduates in the professional field Top Management;
the total number of CVs of university graduates.