Varsha Naik one of the first Indian women to perform in New York Broadway Dance show

Varsha Naik from New Jersey is one of the first Indian American artist to perform, direct and choreograph a Bollywood number for “Dancing in the Spotlight” a well-known and famous Broadway Dance show in the prestigious Symphonic theatre in New York. India is overflowing with talent with its wide population and increasingly interesting talent coming together to make something even better.

Varsha and her team are extremely thrilled and excited that they got this opportunity to showcase Indian Dance form in a Broadway Dance show for spotlight production. “It’s not every day that a performer and choreographer gets this opportunity and I’m humbled and happy, “she said.

22 talented and well-trained students from Navrang Dance academy will showcase Bollywood glamor. The event will have other international dance groups and performers too. The teams will be judged on the basis of creativity, costumes and originality. Navrang dance academy plans to showcase the best performers from NY and NJ who have been practicing very hard. Varsha Naik personally auditioned these talented artists/ dancers and wants to ensure everyone puts their best foot forward. They will be performing on a very famous Bollywood number which will also reflect the cultural richness of India.

Navrang Dance academy students and performers have participated and won many tristate (NY NJ CT) area competitions and they feel it’s a positive step forward for the academy to display their talent in Broadway.

We wish Varaha Naik and her team the best!