Vedantu sets a benchmark as 1036 students in class 10th & 245 students in class 12th outshine with above 90% in CBSE

New Delhi: Vedantu – a pioneer in LIVE online learning, today announced that 1036 of their students in class 10th and 245 students in class 12th have secured more than 90% in CBSE boards 2022 examination. From class 10th batch, 15 students scored above 99% and 68 students above 98%. Subject-wise, 55 students in Maths, 58 students in Science, 27 in English, and 28 in Social Science have scored 100/100. From class 12th batch, 13 students in mathematics, 16 in Chemistry, 4 in Physics, and 9 students in Biology also scored an exceptional 100 marks.


Vedantu has created a secure foundation of learning that provides accessible and affordable quality education to power students with great pedagogy and immersive learning experience. Students embark on a holistic learning journey on Vedantu’s interactive and LIVE learning platform – where they have access to LIVE master classes based on CBSE syllabus, tailored exam-centric study material, assignments, CBSE tests, and post-class doubt solving where students are assisted by doubt experts to clear their concepts. Through Vedantu’s Learning Progress tests, student performance is evaluated, and practice sessions are conducted for those students who face any difficulties or challenges in the tests.

Teachers are an influential force in delivering quality education and significantly impact a student’s learning curve. Over the years, Vedantu Master Teachers have guided students and shaped exceptional learning outcomes with their dedicated academic support and teaching methodology. Not only that, the teachers also go an extra mile in motivating the students and boosting their morale through counseling activities like conducting relaxation sessions, helping students understand their weak and strong areas, and encouraging them to imbibe the art of practicing what they have studied in the classroom. Last year, 153 students from class 12th and 496 students from class 10th scored above 90% leveraging Vedantu’s CBSE program.


“Vedantu’s Master Teachers have consistently played a key role in designing and developing effective learning processes and instructional content that focuses on student development to help them reach their fullest potential. Our goal is to propel young minds forward along a learning path that enriches their knowledge, conceptual understanding, and skills. We laud the determination and hard work of all students who have cleared the CBSE examination and those who have passed with flying colors.” – Anand Prakash, Co-founder & Head of Academics, Vedantu.


Board exams have a concentric curriculum to ensure student’s all-round progress and open a gateway to further learning opportunities. This year, over 21 lakh students in class 10th and 16 lakh students in class 12th appeared for CBSE board examination. Engaging content, interactive experience, and great master teaching have shaped great learning outcomes for all Vedantu students. Vedantu continues to play an essential part in bridging the gap between accessible and quality education even in the remotest regions of the country.