Vestige launches innovative consumer products to promote hygiene and combat the pandemic

New Delhi: As the world is undergoing an unprecedented health crisis, the need of the hour is to enhance personal hygiene with a special emphasis on hand hygiene as well as to disinfect various surfaces. To address both these needs, Vestige Marketing, a leading Indian-origin direct selling company has launched two innovative products in its homecare and personal care range, Hyvest and Assure, respectively. The two new products are Hyvest Ultra Protek Disinfectant Spray and Assure Hand Cleansing Gel. These two products are in addition to the company’s Assure Germ Protection Soap, which was recently launched.

The current situation warrants a proactive and empathetic attitude towards people’s health and hygiene practices where people must practice social distancing, wear masks, wash their hands frequently and disinfect various surfaces to protect against this contagious virus. Vestige has an ever-growing global presence across continents and these new product launches are an integral part of its long-term approach towards establishing leadership in the health and hygiene category in India as well as globally.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Gautam Bali, MD, Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd said, “Good hygiene is now more important than ever and extends beyond personal care. Disinfecting surfaces that are commonly touched is absolutely critical to protect our overall health and wellness. Zero-contact surface disinfectant spray, Hyvest Ultra Protek is a hassle-free and convenient way to disinfect, sanitise and clean the surrounding surfaces. Apart from the surfaces, it is also important that our hands remain germ-free and sanitised. Assure Hand Cleansing Gel, an alcohol-based gel, is for the complete care of our hands.

Hyvest Ultra Protek Disinfectant Spray

The Hyvest Ultra Protek is a 73.6% w/w alcohol based disinfectant spray that protects you and your family from illness-causing bacteria and viruses. This is effective on a wide variety of hard and soft surfaces.

The zero-contact spray can easily and effectively disinfect high-contact surfaces such as tables, doorknobs, chairs, keys and packages, etc. It can also be used on other surfaces such as:
Kitchen sinks
Table tops and desks
Chairs and sofas
Shower taps
Car seats
Toilet areas (including toilet bowl)
Assure Hand Cleansing Gel
The ASSURE Hand Cleansing Gel is a solution that helps to disinfect the hands without soap and water, anywhere and anytime. It supresses odour and leaves your hands soft and clean even without washing. It dries fast and does not leave a sticky layer on the skin.
The 70% v/v alcohol-based gel is enriched with a unique blend of seven plants. It acts fast and helps to prevent infections. It is an on-the-go, rinse-free and non-sticky instant hand protection solution.

The seven herbs include:
Lime juice: It has curative properties and acts as a natural antibiotic
Rosemary leaf oil: It is used as a disinfectant
Neem leaf extract: It is one of the best healing and disinfectant agents
Sage oil: It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties
Aloe leaf juice powder: It helps to relieve pain, reduce swelling and quell itching
Thyme oil: It is used for its antiseptic properties
Vetiver root oil: It mostly has protective activity as well as soothing benefits
Vestige recently launched the ASSURE Germ Protection Soap, a perfect solution for a family’s everyday hygiene needs. It ensures two-fold care for you and your loved ones. Assure Germ Protection Soap not only removes germs to protect you from common communicable diseases, it also ensures that the repeated use of the soap does not have any adverse impact on your skin.

HYVEST Ultra Protek comes in a 170 gram pack and is priced at MRP ₹325.00, inclusive of all taxes.

ASSURE Hand Cleansing Gel comes in a 500 gram pack and is priced at MRP ₹340.00, inclusive of all taxes.

ASSURE Germ Protection Soap comes in a 75 gram pack and is priced at MRP ₹55.00, inclusive of all taxes.

For more details, please visit or contact your nearest Vestige distributor.